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Push Notifications: one of the best marketing tools for hotels

Push Notifications – you’ve probably heard about it! But what exactly is that? Why are push notifications a perfect way for hoteliers to improve guest satisfaction and sales? And how do they even work? We’ll clear it up. 

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are messages that pop up on the smartphone’s display, on tablets or on users’ desktop PCs using an app.

What makes push notifications speacial is the fact that they can be received by the user even when the app is closed or the screen is locked. With downloaded app or opened browser push notifications pop up directly on the mobile devices. Another great feature of push notifications is their length: brevity is the soul of wit! The recipient must understand them at a glance.

What are the benefits of sending push messages for hotels?

Push notifications have become an effective tool in many industries. More and more companies make use of the direct communication channel: Messages are transmitted easily and in real time to customers and guests, ensuring more interaction and thus improving guest loyalty and sales in the long term.

Every day, hotels have many many pieces of information for their guests:  information about their stay, news, promotions, events, in-house offers and much more. The communication and the highlighting of offers is very complex – even more regarding the limited time of the personnel and the high workload. Guests often overlook flyers and brochures. Most of the times they end up in the trash before they have even been read.

Sending push notifications via the Digital Guest Directory of Guestfriend

On the contrary, push notifications reach the guest. They ensures greater satisfaction among guests and increases sales, by drawing attention to short term free vacancies and the day to dayoffers. Short push notifications make guests want to book in-house offers.

How do Push Notifications work?

Hoteliers send push notifications, for example via a Digital Guest Directory, which is available to guests as a native ap or progressive web app (PWA).

Hoteliers who use Guestfriend create the notifications very simply via the online content management system. There are just a few click needed to sent either in real time or at a specified time. Sending is free for all customers and the number of messages is unlimited. However, hoteliers should be aware of an appropriate number: Push notifications should always be relevant to the guests. Quality instead of quantity!

The conclusion

Push notifications have become an important part of a successful marketing strategy. They are in no way less effective than classical e-mail marketing because they guarantee a constant exchange of information with guests. Additionally, they strike with high click and reaction rates whilst being a cost-effective way of advertising and generating good profits through high interaction rates. But the push function also proves itself for guests: a brief glance at the smartphone is enough to get all that is needed to be knwon.

Thus hotels increase not only incres sales but also guest loyalty. In short: Targeted messages to guests have never been easier for hoteliers!

You also want to send push notifications to your guests? We would be happy to show you how easy it is with the Digital Guest Directory from Guestfriend !

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