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Digital signage for the hotel industry – Contemporary info points for guests

Today, a widley used way of modern and successful guest communication is digital media. Digital signage is the most effective and fastest way to reach people via displays with information and messages on site and to market offers. After all, pictures are known to attract us directly, arouse curiosity and usually don’t need any explanation. Infotainment is the keyword. Of course, Guestfriend also has the right digital signage solutions for hosts, which increase the guest service and their turnover.

Digital signage – often heard, but what is it?

Digital signage means the use of digital media content on networked, remote-controlled screens that display certain information in text, image and/or video formats to a specific target group. It is used, for example, for airport display boards, as advertising signs or information terminals in tourist information and hotels. Typically, digital signage is not only suitable for information, but also for advertising, marketing and entertainment.

So far, however, such solutions often operate without interaction, as normal displays, large screens or digital signage. But digital signage can also be interactive! In this case, gesture control and touch capability play a central role. Which solutions exist, what is the use of digital signage and how do hotels use it in a profitable way?

Advantages of digital signage

  • available 24/7 for guests
  • ideal for reception areas and guest hotspots
  • bundles information and entertains guests
  • encourages active use
  • easy access & intuitive to use
  • increases additional sales
  • optimizes the service & the guest experience
  • meets the expectations of the guests
  • relieves hosts and their employees

Digital signage 2.0 – the Touchscreen Kiosk

Touchscreen kiosks are the stars among digital signage solutions in hotels. The big advantage: They present information about the hotel, the region and local offers around the clock – even interactively. Where digital signage used to be rather one-sided and the recipient had no influence on its content, guests now directly interact with the hardware. According to their own interests and needs, they inform themselves about their stay and find out more about offers and services.

The Touchscreen Kiosk acts like an interactive concierge – especially when no employee is available. It is therefore particularly suitable for reception or entrance areas.

However, not only employees are relieved by the digital helper. It also enhances the visibility of offers, information and services and encourages guests to actively use the hotel´s services. This means more additional sales, fewer queries and even a better guest experience.


And thanks to Guestfriend, it’ s quite easy: The new Touchscreen Kiosk directly attracts guests and encourages the active use of the Digital Guest Directory of their accommodation. And with great success!

They inform themselves about the guests A-Z, the offers and services of the hotel, ask for wellness treatments, reserve a table or find tips for excursions within the integrated travel guide. Once created, the Digital Guest Directory can be displayed on several media channels – whether on the guests’ mobile devices, stationary tablets in the hotel or on the Touchscreen Kiosk. Of course, the contents of the Digital Guest Directory are also linked to all other tools of our platform, such as the Hotel Newspaper, the Wi-Fi Landing Page and the Info Channel. As a result, the use of the Digital Guest Directory is even more efficient.

“Our customers are impressed! The intuitive Touchscreen Kiosk not only attracts guests, but also answers their questions at any time – even if the reception is not open. In addition, it encourages them to actively use the services and offers of the house and creates completely new possibilities for taking care of their guests.”

Katja Weinmüller, Head of Marketing & Design at Guestfriend

Small, but powerful – tablets and tablet stands

If you are looking for smaller, digital info points, you will soon come across stationary tablet solutions. They are ideal for placing the Digital Guest Directory in the lobby, at the spa reception or in the rooms. Suitable holders with integrated anti-theft devices protect the tablets from damage and theft. With their own tablet holders, hosts present their Digital Guest Directory at the optimum reading height, promote their use and additional sales, and even increase their service.

Stationary tablet solutions are therefore recommended for all hosts who want to offer their guests additional sources of information on site in addition to a flexible and cost-effective Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solution. The guests themselves decide whether they prefer to use their own mobile devices or on the provided tablets.

Of course, we also offer this opportunity to our customers.

The classic among digital signage solutions for hotels: the television 

The television is one of the people’s most popular media. Therefore, Guestfriend has created another digital signage software for screens, televisions and complete TV systems in hotels, which effectively provides information to the guests: the Info Channel. No matter whether the guests are waiting in the lobby, lying in bed or relaxing in the wellness area – wherever there is a screen, the hotel’s own TV channel is shown. Thus, they are informed at any time about current offers and services, news of the day, events or the weather.

The only thing the host needs is a device with HDMI connection and internet access. That is because the Info Channel runs web-based and is therefore always up-to-date. This means significantly less cost and installation effort. On top of that, all the information is updated automatically and in real time, existing TV systems and monitors can usually be used without any problems and all system updates are carried out by Guestfriend. Thanks to innovative digital signage technology, hotels, guesthouses, campsites and holiday apartments will find an effective and sustainable TV solution.

Are you interested in our digital signage solutions?

Feel free to send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 831 930 657-0. We look forward to showing you your possibilities.

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