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The all-round customer service of Guestfriend – „5 questions with“ Alexandra Fenzl, Team Leader Customer Relationship Management at Guestfriend

In our section “5 questions with”, employees of Guestfriend, customers, partners or industry experts give insights into their work and business. Alexandra Fenzl is the team leader of the Customer Relationship Management at Guestfriend and supports the customers with requests, wishes or problems of any kind: ranging from training and assistance to long-term personal customer service.

Why does customer service in the hotel and tourism industry matter that much with regard to the digitization?

Basically, I think customer service is a very important issue across all industries. Especially digitization and the associated digital products are causing uncertainty among some people. This applies to all to generations who did not grow up with smartphones, tablets & co. In many cases, they have a lot of respect for the use of digital media. But in my opinion, that´s really unfounded. The only thing that really matters is that they are user-friendly.

In our customer service department, we take the fear away from our customers and support them in the digitization process, from consulting to the actual use of the tools. We show them how easy it works and to get the most out of our products. After all, we want all our customers to have the same level of knowledge. As different as people are, as different is their understanding of digital media and their handling. That’s why every one of our customers, no matter whether it’s a large star hotel, a hotel chain or a small guesthouse, gets a permanent contact.

And the best thing: the customer service provided by Guestfriend is completely free and permanent. No additional costs and no hidden restrictions.

How does the support process typically work at Guestfriend?

As soon as the respective product has been completed, our customer service team contacts the customer. We show him how to make the most out of his product through a combination of personal online training and video tutorials. The successful use of the tools is then determined by how they are used on site. Only if all employees know about the right use of Guestfriend, if they actively inform their guests about their special service and, if necessary, if they provide help, the hosts will be able to exploit their full potential.

Even after the first introduction, we are still help our customers and their employees at any time. We therefore regularly call them and ask how they are doing and offer our support if required. Whenever there are new products or functions, we inform all our existing clients first by e-mail about these innovations and help them immediately with any queries. In addition, our Help Center with video tutorials is also available 24/7 and free of charge. There, they will find many helpful tips and tricks about Guestfriend, can leave us a message or chat with us if they have any further questions.

In which way do you help your customers? Just give us a brief description of three characteristic scenarios.

Most of all, we help them to edit their Digital Guest Directory, such as inserting images, updating texts or creating new pages.

Furthermore, we give them tips on how to make the most out of Guestfriend, how to encourage their guests to use their tools and what kind of marketing material to use. And if desired, we arrange to create the right collateral for them in our marketing department.

As a third example, I would like to mention the hotel newspaper. Even in this case, we give our customers tips on content and design and help with questions concerning the creation.

How do you deal with new ideas, suggestions or impulses that arise in cooperation with your customers?

We are very grateful for constructive feedback from our customers. Ultimately they are the ones who work with the products on a daily basis and receive feedback from their guests. As a result, we are able to develop our products and come up with new product ideas. Thus, we pass on their ideas and feedback to our product development department, which checks the feasibility and, if necessary, launches new functions or products on the market. This is how, for example, our own Hotel-App, the progressive web app function or the new Touchscreen Kiosk have been developed. Besides, we always test new functions and products with existing customers and work on the fine-tuning before we launch them. For us, working closely with our customers is very important. That’ s the only way we can provide the right solutions to make the work of hoteliers, hosts and tourism professionals easier.

What do the customers appreciate most about the service provided by Guestfriend?

Our customers particularly appreciate the direct connection to their personal contact at Guestfriend. Especially during stressful days, it is very important for them to know that they have a contact person who knows them, understands them and can help them quickly. We take our time for each of our customers, individually respond to their questions and problems and search for solutions. In our company nobody is left with a general solution. And in comparison to others, the intensive support is part of our service. Which means that as long as someone is our customer, he or she enjoys our free customer service. This way we build up a lot of trust and close cooperations over time.

Ultimately this, together with the friendly and professional nature of my team members, means that 95% of our customers recommend us.

Alexandra Fenzl in conversation with Sandra Schneider, Gastfreund GmbH

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