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The best touchpoints to reach guests – “5 questions to” Saskia Guggemos, Marketing & Communication Manager at Guestfriend

In our section “5 questions to”, employees of Guestfriend, customers, partners or industry experts give insights into their work and business. Saskia Guggemos from Guestfriend reveals how hosts reach their guests along the customer journey, which touchpoints there are and how Guestfriend supports their customers.

What touchpoints should hosts use to reach guests along the customer journey?

I have to begin with a little background information: a guest’s customer journey consists of the following five phases: inspiration, research, booking, on property and post stay. Hosts should contact their guests at all stages of a journey and use as many touchpoints as possible, for example via their own website, booking platforms, e-mail, social media, digital guest directory, one-to-one conversation, etc.

The most important stage is when a guest has arrived at his or her holiday destination. But what is the best way for hosts to reach guests on site? The best and most modern way is a mix of personal contact and digital contact points. It makes sense to communicate with guests in many ways as possible. Such touchpoints could be at the reception, at the bar and in the restaurant, but also via WLAN, mobile phones and tablets, TVs or digital info terminals.

Why should hoteliers address their guests with information and offers?

There are several good reasons! Guests never actually inform themselves in detail about all offers, services and attractions on site before arrival – quite the opposite. But once they have arrived on holiday, they want to have a good time and love getting all kinds of tips and suggestions. For hoteliers, this is a great opportunity for upselling and improving service. That also means shaping the guest’s stay, pampering him and, of course, boosting one’s own turnover by making more additional sales. Often hosts miss the chance to impress the guest with great service and to attract them to their offers.

What exactly does Guestfriend offer for this purpose?

We offer a Digital Guest Directory and a Wi-Fi Landing Page, via which guests can be reached on their own or on devices provided by the host, such as tablets or mobile phones. Our Info Channel spreads information via television and monitor. Then we have the Hotel Newspaper, which can be offered to the guests online and as a printed version. The more touchpoints hosts use, the more likely it is that their guests will really get all the information they need. The most effective way is certainly the Digital Guest Directory! Hosts use it to reach their guests via the most important digital touchpoint in today’s world – the mobile phone. They have become an essential part of our lives and holidays.

How do hosts get their guests to use their Digital Guest Directory?

Hosts must, of course, inform their guests about their Digital Guest Directory. This can be done quickly with just a few, but effective measures and easily be integrated into the daily working routine. Even before arrival, the hotelier should refer to his Digital Guest Directory on the website and in the booking confirmation. Once the guest has arrived, the Digital Guest Directory is at best a part of the check-in process. It makes sense to take a quick look at the Digital Guest Directory together. A flyer with a QR code and the web link to the Digital Guest Directory handed to the guests is also quite helpful. Also, room displays guide the guests to the Digital Guest Directory.

A big plus of our Digital Guest Directory is that it is available in two versions: as an app for iOS and Android and as a web version, without any download. The guests decide which version they would like to use best. Of course, a host can also equip all rooms with stationary tablets.  But one can assume that the guests have their own mobile equipment and prefers to use that.

Guestfriend is known for its customer service. Does Guestfriend support its customers in reaching their guests through these contact points?

Of course, we do! Goal No. 1 of our free customer support is to ensure that our customers use digital helpers correctly in their daily work and benefit from them. All our customers go through an extensive onboarding process with the help of online training. Even after the training, every customer has a personal contact person who helps him with questions and concerns. In addition, our online Help Center contains lots of information, tips and tricks for the right use of Guestfriend.

Saskia Guggemos in conversation with Sandra Schneider, Gastfreund GmbH

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