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Successful, digital guest communication in the hospitality industry (2/2)

The first part about digital guest communication in hotels already explained its meaning and its significance during the customer journey. Now we will show you your possibilities and how to expand your digital guest communication.

Win-win for guest and hotelier

The digitization in the hotel industry offers many possibilities for guest communication. Guests expect a modern, digital and contactless service in their accommodation, i.e. more flexibility, more interaction, more individual care, more up-to-date information and less research effort, which makes the whole trip more comfortable and personal. But not only guests benefit from digital guest communication but also hosts. Using the right tools, they improve guest satisfaction, increase their additional sales through targeted in-house marketing and relieve their staff thanks to digitalized processes. A win-win situation for hosts and guests.

Digital guest communication – what´s useful?

As digitalization progresses, more and more digital solutions are created for the hotel market but which tools are helpful?

Website: the showpiece of an accommodation

First impressions count! This also applies to the hotel website. It is, besides booking portals, the first point of contact on the web. Those who do not have their own website are invisible on the Internet and risk not being found. How else do guests become aware of your business? And of course, it should also be attractively designed, as visitors decide within five seconds whether they like your site or leave it immediately. An appealing website is the first step towards successful guest communication and gaining new guests.

Digital Guest Directory & App: digital guest service

As soon as a guest has booked accommodation, the service and communication between guest and host will decide on his or her satisfaction. Therefore, Digital Guest Directories are must-haves for digital guest communication. With apps or progressive web apps, guests access all the information and offers they are interested in at any time. Despite distance rules, they stay in direct contact with their hosts, book wellness treatments, reserve a table or order the room service. They also keep up to date with the latest news, offers and recommendations via push messages from their hosts. As a result, it improves the guest service as well as the marketing of offers – and even reduces the workload of staff.

Digital guest communication_Products by Guestfriend
Digital Signage: infotainment for guests

Additionally, many hosts use digital info points to display their information. These info points may be stationary tablets, touchscreen kiosks or hotel televisions. The big advantage of these digital signage solutions: they present information and offers quickly, vividly and entertainingly, arouse curiosity and thus motivate guests to use them. Due to clever infotainment at guest hotspots, all information (e.g. of the Digital Guest Directory) is accessible at any time. Therefore, interactive digital signage solutions are very suitable for hotel marketing.
Tip: To comply with hygiene rules, we recommend regular cleaning of monitors and disinfectants in the immediate vicinity.

Wi-Fi: the fastest contact on site

Free Wi-Fi is one of the most important booking criteria. Therefore it is very efficient for digital guest communication and has a large reach. One of the first things guests usually do after check-in is to log in to the Wi-Fi. Ideally, after logging in to the Wi-Fi system, guests should automatically be directed to a well-designed landing page, where they will find information and offers of their hotel at a glance.

E-paper: individual guest newspapers

But also e-papers and guest newspapers are a good choice to inform guests on site about offers or news. The hotel’s own hotel newspaper, current menus, weekly programmes as well as questionnaires for hotel ratings are very popular in this context. And since everyone has his or her reading preferences, it is advisable to offer guests both options: printed as a memory at home or digitally on their own mobile device.

Social media, messenger & Co.: messaging in real time

Obviously, there are many other possibilities for digital guest communication. Very popular are social media, the own hotel blog and newsletter. But it is essential that these channels are always up to date and regularly updated with interesting topics. A dead page” doesn’t attract attention. Messenger services and chatbots are becoming more and more popular as well, answering guests’ questions quickly and assisting them immediately, for example with bookings or table reservations. And this is also possible with the Digital Guest Directory: via Chat you can answer your guests’ questions in lightning-speed.

The right choice

Digital guest communication is very simple if you focus on the right support. At best, hosts can count on a single solution that unites as many kinds as possible. This way the administration effort is low and the benefits are high.

Guestfriend, therefore, created a cloud-based platform for hosts that combines several tools and thus covers many aspects of digital guest communication. It includes a Digital Guest Directory, a Wi-Fi Landing Page, an Info Channel for monitors and televisions, and an online assistant for creating an own Hotel Newspaper. And what’s best: all tools are managed via a one editorial system. The modular system allows Hoteliers to decide which tools they want to use.

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