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Digital menus, online table booking, digital guest registration and Digital Guest Directory – for higher hygiene standards in hotels

The Corona pandemic has left its mark on the hotel industry. Hoteliers and caterers have to adhere to new regulations and rules regarding work safety, minimum distances, safety, data collection and hygiene. Only then are they allowed to reopen their hotels, pensions, apartments and campsites.

Contactless support, online booking of services and offers, contactless check-in and digital registration forms – in times of Corona, contactless services are crucial for accommodations to resume business. But how’s that supposed to work in hospitality? There’s good news for all hosts: They are not alone, because the digital aids by Guestfriend support them, allowing for contactless and hygienic services.

The all-round solution for hotels: digital menus, online table booking, guest registration and Digital Guest Directory

Hoteliers and caterers running restaurants, breakfast facilities, cafés or bars are the ones facing the major challenges. They have to reduce personal contact with their guests to a minimum, adhere to distancing rules and are only allowed to welcome a certain number of guests at a time. Also, they have to avoid haptic items in public areas due to the increased risk of infection and need to collect additional data from guests visiting their restaurant.

Guestfriend offers them a simple yet convincingly versatile all-round solution: It allows for contactless, hygienic services and provides important information in the Digital Guest Directory, offers and deals as well as digital menus. It manages table bookings and meal orders and asks for the required guest data in a digital way while complying with data protection regulations. And best about it: Guests can do all of this on their own mobile devices – without having to worry about infections or rule violations! The days of potential carriers of bacteria or viruses such as paper menus as well as the need to constantly replace and disinfect publicly accessible objects are numbered.

The benefits at a glance:

  • effortless collection and saving of guest data, in line with data protection regulations
  • quick and easy management of table bookings
  • easy digitisation of lists, notes, forms and menus
  • contactless and hygienic guest services
  • time-saving workflows
  • uncomplicated and environmentally friendly implementation of rules and regulations since there’s no need to hand out and disinfect printed forms and pens

“We are aware of the major efforts these new rules require from hosts and how difficult it is to comply with the regulations without digital support. Having to laminate forms and disinfect countless pens throughout the day – that’s not how hosts should spend their precious time. That is why we used our know-how to extend our Digital Guest Directory. As of now, hosts and their guests will be able to use our online booking features to comply with the legal requirements regarding table bookings. So we didn’t rush to build an all-round solution from one day to the next but instead enhanced our reliable technology and software.”

Florian Byliza, Chief Technical Officer, Gastfreund GmbH

Digital menus

Paper menus are definitely one of the most-touched objects in restaurants, breakfast areas, cafés and bars. That makes them the number-one risk of virus infections in the catering industry. After all, it’s not for nothing that tourism and hotel associations recommend using digital menus and digital guest directories to eliminate the need to disinfect menus and room folders after they have been touched. By the way, this also applies to publicly accessible touchscreens on site as well as fixed tablets.

Digital-menu-digital-guest-directory-Gastfreund GmbH

And here’s how it’s works: Hosts can upload their meals and drinks menus as PDF files or opt for an online ordering feature in the Digital Guest Directory by Guestfriend. The hotel newspaper editor also allows you to create up-to-date menus in the blink of an eye.

Guests can access all menus, recommendations, lists and the Digital Guest Directory on their own mobile devices via QR code. Afterwards, they can either place their order with your service staff while respecting the minimum distance or use the contactless option to order through a delivery/pick-up service.

book-a-table-online-digital-guest-directory-Gastfreund_Gastfreund GmbH

Book a Table Online

And since we’re talking about online orders: The DGD allows guests to order meals online, to use the delivery/pick-up service and to book tables in the restaurant. They can also book certain time slots for their meals or have breakfast delivered to their room.

Hosts and caterers are only allowed to welcome a certain number of guests due to the current hygiene regulations (Covid-19). Therefore, guests are well-advised to book a table in advance. This is the only way for hosts to plan and manage their restaurant’s occupancy efficiently. And again, Guestfriend has the ideal solution ready: The guests choose their desired date and time through the online table booking feature and enter their contact details. The hosts, on the other side, can manage all incoming booking requests and free tables in the booking system. It’s really as easy as it gets.

guest-registration-request-guest-data-in-the-digital-guest-directory-of-guestfriend-Gastfreund GmbH

Guest registration

In addition to the online table booking feature, hosts are able to collect their guests’ details with the Digital Guest Directory and, by doing so, meet the current registration requirements. Collecting data in a digital way facilitates the required registration processes for both your guests as well as your employees. And most importantly: All data will of course be collected, stored and deleted as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The registration of guests is supposed to make tracking of contact and infection chains easier in case of an infection with Covid-19.The data must be made available to the health authorities or corresponding local authorities, if requested. The regulations may depend on the country, state or type of accommodation. Make sure to collect all necessary information from trusted sources and associations!

Digital Guest Directory

Printed room folders, countless flyers and postings in the hotel do not only require a great deal of work but, with regard to the Corona pandemic, are also unhygienic. That makes them potential sources of infection that should be avoided.

That is why many hoteliers bank on the Digital Guest Directory by Guestfriend, which their guests can use on their very own mobile devices (Bring Your Own Device, aka: BYOD). The DGD supports, communicates and push your sales – in a contactless and hygienic way, no matter when or where. Guests can access any information about the accommodation and the holiday region, book offers and services right away, chat with their hosts, fill out the registration form, book tables or browse your restaurant and bar menus.

But there’s more to come! Have a look at our most recent blog post about Corona and hygiene in hotels as well as Basic or all-rounder – what is the secret of a successful digital guest directory. In these articles, we explain all features and functionalities of our Digital Guest Directory in detail.

Rely on our all-round solution for your digital menus, online table booking, guest registration and your Digital Guest Directory! We’ll be happy to support you.

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