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BYOD vs. stationary tablets – The guests’ own smartphone wins

Smartphones are the travel companions par excellence! Whether for private or professional reasons: travellers use all channels such as e-mail, telephone, messenger, social media & Co. mobile and actively plan their vacation with their smartphone. A life without smartphones, tablets and fast internet is hardly imaginable. Good conditions for hoteliers who use the smartphones of their guests for their own communication. We show you how to take advantage of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and why you do not need permanently installed tablets in hotel rooms.

The Digital Guest Directory on the guests’ own smartphones, tablets or laptops

Digital guest communication is important: it complements personal service and enables continuous support – at home and on site. Hosts should therefore provide information as well as inquiry and booking options via guests’ mobile devices. This approach is called Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and offers decisive advantages.

The best example of how this is achieved is the Digital Guest Directory – the must-have for digital guest care in the hotel industry. Far away from outdated, worn-out flyers and room folders made of paper, hoteliers provide everything relevant to the accommodation, tips on the region etc. digitally at any time. You market your offers and services via the Digital Guest Directory and disburden your team. Whether from home, in the room, in the restaurant or during an excursion.

BYOD – the best choice for hoteliers and guests

1. Affordable direct hit

BYOD solutions offer the first major advantage in terms of investment. Equipping every room with stationary hardware – the acquisition costs are soaring. Also follow-up costs are not to be underestimated. Think about technical advancements or defects that regularly force to replace the devices. All of this is no longer necessary with BYOD, because guests use their own equipment.

OUR TIP: The Digital Guest Directory by Guestfriend allows you to be very flexible. It can be used on the guests’ own devices, but if desired also on stationary tablets and touchscreen kiosks. Rather rely on individual eye-catchers, for example in touchscreen kiosks in the entrance area and in the restaurant. Make sure that you pay attention to hygienic handling! Ensure regular surface cleaning and place hand disinfectants in the immediate vicinity. This gives your guests a safe feeling.

2. Always in contact

Guests use the Digital Guest Directory no matter where and when – not only in the hotel! This enables hosts to maintain continuous personal contact despite hygiene and distance rules. The chat integrated in the Digital Guest Directory, which is used to quickly clarify open questions, contributes to this. Daily push notification communicate tips, promotions, events, news, changes, etc. And it gets even better: Guests use digital forms to order, book and request your services and offers directly on their own smartphones and tablets. Guests also simply fill out the electronic registration form before they arrive – this not only saves your guests waiting at check-in, but also your employees!

3. Clean business

Digital Guest Directories as a BYOD solution enable hygienic and contactless guest care. Thus, hotels, guesthouses, vacation homes, camping sites and serviced apartments minimize infections and make the stay for guests and staff on site pleasant and safe.

Haptic objects, such as stationary tablets in the rooms, on the other hand, are considered potential homes for viruses and bacteria. Industry associations therefore strongly recommend minimising these, if not eliminating them altogether. In addition, they are perceived by guests as unhygienic and cause an uncomfortable feeling.
The top rule is therefore always: clean regularly and thoroughly. Imagine the additional effort this would mean for your housekeeping! Apart from remote controls and the like, you would now also have to thoroughly disinfect tablets in the rooms. This would not only result in additional costs for detergents, but your staff would also need considerably longer to clean the rooms.

With digital tools for your guests’ mobile devices, you can avoid this: no wiping and disinfecting of room folders, menus and so on!

4. Easy handling

Last but not least: The Bring-Your-Own-Device solutions from Guestfriend are hardware independent. Whether iOS or Android, via app or mobile optimized website: They work on any mobile device, no matter what software it is equipped with. This way, guests use your digital service or your Digital Guest Directory intuitively – after all, they know how to use their own smartphone, tablet or laptop. For you, there is no need for time-consuming explanations of foreign devices or their maintenance.

Rely on BYOD now and dedicate yourself to your guests!

Easy. Handy. Digital.

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