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8 tips to increase guest satisfaction in the hotel

Guest satisfaction is the top priority for every hotelier. After all, it influences whether a guest comes back, whether the online rating is positive or negative and thus the booking behaviour of new guests. Hosts only achieve guest satisfaction by meeting all their expectations. But the demands on a hotel stay are as different as the people themselves and fulfilling them is a true art. We have eight tips that will help you make your guests happy.

Tip 1: Optimise your hotel website

When surfing the internet, hardly anything is more frustrating than a non-functioning website. Especially visitors who want to book online rely on the functionality of your hotel website. In addition to an aesthetic appearance, a responsive design that adapts to the respective end-device is now mandatory. Pay attention to short loading times and a user-friendly navigation. This way you get rid of possible disruptive factors and reduce the dropout rate during the booking process.

Tip 2: Look after your guests personally and digitally

Provide your guests with a contact person at all times who will take care of their wishes, questions or problems. Thanks to digital technology, guests don’t even have to visit reception or queue for personal service. Use a Digital Guest Directory with a chat function and booking tools and receive your guests’ wishes and requests contactless at any time. Especially due to the COVID 19 pandemic, your guests expect contactless, fast and digital care, communication and services in addition to personal contact. In this way, you leave it up to your guests to decide which way they would like to contact you.

Tip 3: Offer you guests digital services

64% of guests already wanted digital services and offers in their accommodation in 2018.[1] In 2021, this will be significantly more due to the digitalisation boom caused by the Corona Crisis. Use this chance and also take care of your guests digitally! The best way is via the Digital Guest Directory on the guests’ own smartphones, tablets or laptops. There, hotel guests will already find all the answers to their questions, information about your accommodation and the region. With the help of digital forms, your guests can then reserve a table in the restaurant, fill in the guest registration form, order breakfast or book a wellness appointment directly via the Digital Guest Directory.

Without the need for additional staff, you can generate extra revenue, look after your guests around the clock and save valuable working time. And your guests? They will thank you for this simple, hygienic and quick service!

With the Digital Guest Directory, the Wi-Fi Landing Page, the Hotel Newspaper and the Info Channel by Guestfriend you are well equipped digitally.

Tip 4: Give your guests access to Wi-Fi

A fast Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel is a must these days. Business travellers use the internet for work, holidaymakers for researching activities and sights, for example. It is not uncommon for reception staff to hear the question about the Wi-Fi password right at check-in. That’s why more and more hosts are realising that a Wi-Fi Landing Page tailor-made for the hotel is the ideal way enter the the digital services on site. There, guests receive the most important information and offers linked to the accommodation’s Digital Guest Directory immediately after logging into the hotel network.

Tip 5: Give a sense of safety and security

No matter if during a crisis or not – guests want to be in good hands in your hotel. In addition to well-known measures such as room safes and security staff at night, these days this also includes hygiene precautions: Distance keeping, frequent disinfection of much-used objects and the contactless handling of as many processes as possible. Inform yourself exactly about the necessary measures and give your guests a safe feeling. Helpful tips and information on the topic of corona infection control can be found, for example, at DEHOGA, ÖHV or Hotelleriesuisse.

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Tip 6: Create an inviting atmosphere

Your hotel, guesthouse, holiday flat or campsite is the guests’ “home” for the duration of their stay. So obviously they want to feel comfortable there. Therefore, create a pleasant atmosphere in the hotel rooms as well as in all other areas of your accommodation. This includes the furniture, the lighting, possibly music or even the scent of the room. For the wellness area, dimmed lights and relaxing sounds are a good idea. The reception area, for example, can be lit a little brighter and equipped with digital signage (e.g. a hotel TV or an interactive touchscreen kiosk). You can also create a cosy living room atmosphere with comfortable sofas – and your own TV channel right at the centre! The most important thing is that the design fits your hotel, your brand and your image.

Tip 7: Support sustainability in a smart way

Unpackaged food at the breakfast buffet, energy-saving LED lamps and regional products on the menu – these are some factors that contribute to a more sustainable hotel management. Communicate clearly what eco-friendly measures your hotel is taking. This helps guests understand why, for example, the towels are not changed every day or why the hotel room is only supplied with electricity when the room card is inserted.

Digitalisation is a great help for hoteliers when it comes to sustainability. A Digital Guest Directory with an integrated travel guide not only replaces numerous paper room folders, but also flyers for tourist attractions in the region, various magazines, newspapers and even the menu in the restaurant. Find further helpful tips on the topic of sustainability in the hotel here.

You want to go one step further? A sustainability certification for hotels provides transparency and creates additional trust for your accomodation among guests.

Tip 8: Add the “wow factor”

If you meet their expectations, your guests are satisfied. Service experts, however, no longer just aim for guest satisfaction – they want to delight their guests. To achieve this, hoteliers must not just fulfil their guests’ expectations and wishes, but must exceed them.

Little surprises, like a good-night snack for late arrivals or a free bottle of cool water on a hot summer day, can work wonders. But attentive staff with a good sense for unspoken wishes are the icing on the cake. Say the service employee remembers from their last visit that Guest X likes filter coffee for breakfast and therefore keeps a freshly brewed pot ready for them in the morning. With small things like this, hoteliers create the “wow factor” in the minds of their guests. In the best case, they also write a positive review or tell other people about their great stay. And possibly they come back again soon.

Guest satisfaction remains the number one goal for hotels that place a lot of value on a positive image and returning guests. Implement our tips and stand out from your competition with an exceptional guest experience!

Start delighting your guests now!

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[1] IMWF & Scandic Hotels, „Wachstumstrends im Deutschen Hotelmarkt“,

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