Efficient service in business and city hotels: digital business travel

International city travellers, visitors of conferences or congresses, artists on tour or business people: Business and city hotels have very different guests who often stay only for a few days. Accordingly, their expectations are also very different. Meeting them requires a high degree of adaptability. More and more hoteliers are therefore implementing digital tools and optimising their processes. We show how business and city hotels are taking off again and how the Digital Guest Directory supports them.

The Digital Guest Directory – perfect for city hotels

Business travellers are usually considered to be quite demanding. To avoid losing valuable time, business guests demand a smooth guest journey from booking to departure with no long waiting times. After all, they want to concentrate fully on work during their stay. [1]

This includes, for example, handling check-in and check-out as quickly as possible. Many hoteliers therefore let guests fill out the registration form digitally in advance and purposely keep the check-in dialogues short. Meanwhile, they provide their guests with all the important information about their stay in their Digital Guest Directory, so that they can access all the guest information from A-Z, tips and offers as needed. And not only that: The guests also use the hotel’s digital services and, for example, book breakfast directly via their own smartphones. The Digital Guest Directory means that paper room folders, countless flyers and various individual software such as messengers, digital booking forms or apps for data collection are no longer necessary: it enables the seamless travel experience that business guests want.

Guests’ expectations of business and city hotels


Business travellers and short-term guests are usually not in the hotel for long, have little time and want fast, efficient processes during their stay. A guest has forgotten the charging cable of his laptop? The departure is delayed and he spontaneously wants to check out later? In situations like this, flexibility is key. No problem for experienced business hotels: their guestes can reach them in person, by phone, but also via chat at any time. With the Digital Guest Directory, guests use the mobile concierge service around the clock. Thanks to the Digital Guest Directory they can handle requests completely digitally. It doesn’t get more flexible than this!

Because the Digital Guest Directory can be accessed at any time from the guests’ own smartphones via app or progressive web app, it does not matter where the guests are at the moment. This BYOD solution (“Bring Your Own Device”) is also convenient for city travellers who only spend little time in the hotel. They can find information about the surroundings, excursion tips and a digital travel guide at any time in the Digital Guest Directory – no matter how far away they are.


In city hotels guests from all countries meet – therefore language barriers and misunderstandings are bound to occur. Fortunately, with the Digital Guest Directory by Guestfriend, this is a thing of the past: The Digital Guest Directory is also available in several different languages on request, so that guests can find all the important information whenever they want.

Digital Guest Directory -Chat, Services, Table booking - Gastfreund GmbH

With the chat function and many different reservation and booking forms, the Digital Guest Directory is the perfect assistant for a flexible service.

Digital service in city hotels: makes work easier…

It goes without saying that most business travellers need a stable internet connection for work. In their private lives, too, they are constantly online with their own smartphone, tablet or laptop. Free WiFi throughout the hotel is therefore part of the basic features of business and city hotels.

In addition, guests nowadays expect digital services that make their stay more pleasant: In addition to guest information, hygiene regulations and tips for the region, the Digital Guest Directory contains, for example, digital forms for table reservations, room service, cancelling the daily room cleaning etc. Busy guests appreciate this fast and uncomplicated service. They are happy to come back on their next business trip, become regular guests and recommend the hotel to their colleagues.

… and gives you a break from daily life.

As a counterweight to stressful work, meetings and the like, more and more business guests are also attaching great importance to a good work-life balance when travelling. They are happy to take advantage of additional services or leisure amenities in the hotel – given that they don’t have to spend a lot of time searching and can act flexibly.

  • After work, many guests decide to visit the sauna, enjoy a massage or exercise in the fitness area. Hotels with such offers should therefore actively promote them to business guests, e.g. via push messages in the Digital Guest Directory.
  • Guests who prefer to spend their free time reading will also find what they are looking for in the Digital Guest Directory: There, the hotel newspaper with news and offers of the hotel as well as renowned daily newspapers, magazines and journals are available as e-papers.
Info Channel for hotels - Gastfreund GmbH
  • In the evening, guests like to relax in front of the hotel TV. With the Info Channel as a modern infotainment solution, this offers yet another display for the hotel’s information and offers. If the host advertises breakfast in the hotel room on the Info Channel, for example, the guest simply scans the corresponding QR code with the smartphone and fills out the form in the Digital Guest Directory. The next day, the guest is happy about the calm breakfast and the hotel benefits from additional turnover.

Checklist: How business and city hotels get back on track after the crisis

During the Corona crisis, travel restrictions led to a sharp drop in business travel. So alternatives like viedeocalls and webinars had to be found. Even though the situation has settled down by now, some hoteliers fear that companies will rely more on digital meetings instead of business trips in the long run. According to the German Travel Management Association (VDR), this concern is unfounded: It expects that the number and structure of business trips will change, but that personal contact will remain an important part of business activity even after the Corona pandemic. [2]

With this checklist, business and city hotels will be well prepared for the future:

  • Installsafe and reliable free WiFi throughout the house and use a WiFi Landing Page to get in touch with your guests
  • Digitise your room folders and make all important information, offers and tips available in the Digital Guest Directory
  • Always be reachable for the guests (e.g. via telephone, e-mail or chat in the Digital Guest Directory).
  • Bundle all services in the Digital Guest Directory and make them bookable online
  • Be flexible: e.g. with payment methods, check-in and check-out times, solving individual problems, Digital Guest Directory as app and web version for all mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, …)
  • Offer amenities to balance out everyday life: e.g. sports classes, wellness treatments, a leisure programme, etc
  • Offer information in different languages for international guests
  • Digitise check-in and check-out processes and thus reduce the workload of your staff
  • Introduce upselling and cross-selling measures to increase turnover

Would you like to take off digitally with your hotel? We would be happy to help you.

[1] VDR Geschäftsreiseanalyse 2020, p.6: https://www.vdr-service.de/fileadmin/services-leistungen/fachmedien/geschaeftsreiseanalyse/VDR-Geschaeftsreiseanalyse-2020.pdf

[2] VDR Geschäftsreiseanalyse 2020, p.27

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