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Hotel trends 2022 – The new normal in the hotel industry

The hospitality industry is constantly changing. However, the last two years have put the adaptability of hosts and hoteliers to a really hard test: lockdowns, short-time work, fluctuating guest numbers, hygiene regulations and staff shortage. Hotels that have been through all of that are not going to let anything get them off track anytime soon! That’s a good thing, because there’s no standstill in sight in 2022 either. We take a look at five hotel trends that hosts should have on their radar this year.

Hotel trend #1: Content Marketing – ‘Content is king’ is now more valid than ever!

Convincing guests with informative and entertaining content – that’s what hosts achieve with content marketing. We have already compiled tips and examples for successful content marketing in hotels in this blog post. One of the main goals of this marketing technique: to create attention for one’s own hotel and to stand out from the crowd – whether that is on social media or in the results of search engines like Google. Content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) go hand in hand here. But when it comes to optimising their own web presence, hoteliers should know: Google constantly adjusts the algorithm and SEO managers are regularly faced with new challenges.

The upcoming update “MUM” is expected to change a lot: The new Google version will increasingly include images, audio content and videos in search results in addition to keywords.[1] What does this mean for content marketing? A good mix of informative texts, high-quality images and videos as well as podcasts will be rewarded even more in future. Those who continue to rely exclusively on texts and keywords, on the other hand, could miss out on this hotel trend!

Hotel trend #2: Digital processes to relieve hotel staff

Almost 80 percent of hotel businesses in Germany suffer from staff shortages and have difficulty finding suitable professionals to fill these gaps.[2] The consequences for existing team members: stressful workdays and a lot of overtime. That is why hosts are looking for long-term solutions to relieve their staff. More and more often, they are turning to tools that automate recurring tasks, shorten communication channels and speed up processes in everyday hotel life. There are digital helpers for various areas of application:

For the care and information of guests, for example, the Digital Guest Directory is a must-have. Contrary to what one might think at first glance, it does not only relieve the reception team. Housekeeping, food and beverage and marketing staff benefit from it, too. Read about the support it offers in the different departments in detail in this article.

In addition to guest services, there are also numerous internal processes that might need an efficiency boost through digital support. That could be confusing checklists during shift changes or long communication channels between individual departments. A hotel operations platform such as the Hotelboard by Hotelcore provides a remedy: all team members communicate transparently with each other at all times and coordinate all tasks quickly and easily. The Hotelboard therefore not only promotes teamwork, but also increases the quality of work and thus employee satisfaction.

The Hotelboard spports in different departments in the hotel – Gastfreund GmbH

The Hotelboard simplifies processes and relieves the team in all departments in the hotel.

Hotel trend #3: Software from on single source – bye-bye, isolated solutions!

With this trend, we stay on the topic of digitalisation. As already described, hotel teams are increasingly using software for more efficient task completion in their daily work. However, some companies grow a real patchwork of software due to gradual digitalisation. For instance, there is one solution for the electronic registration form, one only for table reservations, another programme for editing the hotel newspaper, one especially for chatting with colleagues, etc.. It is difficult to keep track with that many isolated solutions!

Therefore, the trend is increasingly moving towards a complete solution: hoteliers use tools from one source for several use cases. The advantage is that the individual modules of the all-in-one solution are perfectly coordinated and use a common database. This enables seamless processes and saves time. Since the handling of the different tools is usually similar, employees learn to use them more easily and find their way around more quickly. Particularly convenient: In case of questions or problems, there is one contact person that provides support for all individual tools.

Our tip:
The all-in-one hotel operations platform by Hotelcore optimises numerous processes in front of and behind the reception desk: digital guest care, communication within the team and task management.

Hotel trend #4: Hybrid travel concepts – bleisure travel and workation

Due to the pandemic, flexible working hours and working from home have boomed in recent years. Numerous people who normally work in offices every day are suddenly doing their tasks completely independent of their location. This is now resulting in a new trend: “bleisure travel” or “workation”. The two terms stand for a similar idea: combining work and holiday.[3] That means that guests who decide to go on such a trip have special requirements for their accommodation. On the one hand, they need a quiet place and suitable technical equipment to work – on the other hand, they want places to relax and interesting excursion destinations in the surrounding area. Some hotels and tour operators have long recognised this hotel trend and offer special workation and bleisure packages . Thus, the hybrid concepts could open up new target groups for some accommodations.

Working right at the hotel pool? According to the new hybrid work concepts, this is perfectly imaginable. More and more accommodations are therefore positioning themselves as workation or bleisure domiciles, where work and recreation are possible in equal measure.

Hotel trend #5: Sustainability as an evergreen

Sustainability, meaning environmentally friendly, social and economic actions, might not be a new hotel trend this year. But it is more important than ever. As surveys show, more and more travellers demand a theri holidays to be as environmentally friendly and socially responsible as possible.[4] Hosts are responding to this with measures in various areas, for example:

  • Offer a green option: If hotel rooms are not cleaned every day, this saves water and cleaning agents. So by offering the option to cancel room cleaning , both hosts and guests contribute to environmental protection.
  • Avoid single-use plastic: Since the ban of many single-use products in the EU [5], there are numerous sustainable alternatives for to-go cups, plastic cutlery and drinking straws on the market that significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste.
  • Offer digital room folders, information material, menus, newspapers and magazines: Paperless options reduce waste and save resources.
  • Buy local: Whether it is food in the restaurant or the products in the hotel shop – choosing suppliers from the surrounding area supports the local economy and avoids long transport routes at the same time.
  • Apply for sustainability certification: With labels such as the GreenSign, hotels show at a glance how many sustainable measures they take. This offers potential guests orientation when choosing their accommodation.

You don’t want to miss a hotel trend and make your accommodation more digital, modern and sustainable? We would be happy to advise you! | +49 831 930 657-0

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