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Attractive employers in the hotel industry: How to find the best talents (1/2)

The shortage of skilled workers in the hospitality industry is worsening. During the Corona crisis, about 162,000 cooks, service staff and hotel specialists migrated to other sectors. [1] The result: countless vacancies and only few applications. In the battle for the best talents, the hotels that appear as particularly attractive employers on the market prevail. In part 1 of our two-part blog series on employer attractiveness in hospitality, we show how they achieve this.

Recruiting: Original campaigns for more attention

If you are looking for workers, you have to advertise the vacancies – that goes without saying. Nowadays, almost two thirds of applicants search for new jobs on the internet [2]. That’s why it’s best to publish your ads on various digital channels: online recruitment platforms, portals like LinkedIn and Xing, social media like Instagram and Facebook, or job ads in the newsletters of professional magazines. In addition, position your vacancies on your own website so that they are easy to find, in case interested parties specifically search for jobs there.

Of course, there is competition on most of these platforms. Therefore, the trick is to make sure that your advertisements stand out, present yourself as an attractive employer and stay in the minds of potential applicants. This often requires creativity, as the following example shows.

Best practice example: The search for “agents with talent” – recruiting at Hotel Hochschober

With its job campaign in James Bond style, including a matching YouTube video, the Hotel Hochschober in Carinthia made it into the hotel trade media several times in 2022. Existing team members play the main role in the video. They present themselves with sunglasses and – depending on the department they work in – “with the licence to stir”, “to touch”, “to decorate” or “to serve”. The good idea and its original implementation had an effect: some former employees want to return and numerous highly qualified professionals sent unsolicited applications. [3] To the careers page of the Hotel Hochschober.

Salary is not everything: create incentives with staff housing, leisure activities and co.

The comparatively low average salary in the hospitality industry [4] is considered one of the main factors why the industry struggles with staff shortages. Fair pay is therefore very important if you want to stand out as an attractive employer. But money is not everything! If you offer special benefits for employees in addition to the standard payment, you will score points on the labour market. This includes, for example:

  • affordable housing near the hotel
  • free use of hotel facilities, such as gym, wellness area or sauna
  • discounted accommodation in your own hotel or in partner hotels
  • further training opportunities
  • team events
  • free company bicycles
  • tickets for local transport
  • etc.

Some benefits don’t cost you anything at all: Is your hotel located in a particularly beautiful area? For example, does your team work every day with a top view of the mountains or the city? Do you have a particularly interesting clientele? List all these advantages in your job advertisements. This will create a picture of what applicants can expect from you and make you stand out as an employer!

Best practice example: “Everything for the crew” at Hotel Jungbrunn

The Hotel Jungbrunn in Tyrol has already won several awards for its good personnel strategy. The “Jungbrunn Crew”, as the employees of the 4-star hotel call themselves, has its own website and social media presence. Here, the hotel not only provides insights into the daily work and introduces team members, but also presents the various benefits for Jungbrunn employees: From the brand new employee house “Hoamatl 2.0”, to a free car rental for employees and a discount on the ski pass in winter. Makes you want to apply right away, doesn’t it?

By the way: Hotel Jungbrunn also focuses on innovation in terms of guest services and thus positions itself specifically as a modern company. In our Success story you can read how the hotel in the Tannheimer Tal optimised its guest service and relieves its employees with the help of a Digital Guest Directory, Wi-Fi Landing Page, Hotel Newspaper and Info Channel.

Hotel Jungbrunn-Der Gutzeitort-digital-guest-directry-Hotelcore-Gastfreund GmbH

Working at the Hotel Jungbrunn does not only mean working with a dreamlike view. With technologies such as th Digital Guest Directory, the wellness hotel positions itself as an innovative and digital company.

Employer branding: A strong brand for attractive employers

In addition to recruiting campaigns and appealing job descriptions, more and more hotel companies are focusing overall on employer branding. This means they create a brand that shows their accommodation as an attractive employer both publicly and internally. Important for that to be successful: authenticity and transparency. [5]

Show potential applicants what makes your accommodation and your team special. For example, how do you describe your corporate culture? What common values unite your team? How do you ensure a good employee communication? Your “employer brand” should answer these questions. Some companies even give it its own, appropriate name, as our best practice example shows. This gives potential applicants an impression of what it is like to work for you at a glance. At the same time, you provide existing colleagues with something they can identify with.

Best practice example: “ÄänzicharDICH” at the Parkhotel Landau in the Palatinate

Like many accommodations, the Parkhotel Landau had difficulties filling vacancies for a long time. Therefore, the management decided to take an important step. Together with the team, they developed the employee brand “ÄänzicharDICH ” – meaning “unique” in Palatinate dialect. The brand ambassadors, including a photo shoot and matching clothes with the logo, are the hotel employees themselves. The “äähnzicharDICH” brand also includes guidelines for working together. These give the team members orientation and show potential applicants what they should identify with. For hotel director Oliver Hasert, this has been successful: “I am [proud] when I see what we achieve together and how much heart and soul everyone puts in.” [6] Read more on the career page of the Parkhotel Landau.

With these tips, you are prepared to win the best talents on the labour market. Find out how to retain your employees in the long term in part 2 of our blog post!

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