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Chats and push notifications in the hotel industry – communication with guests is more important than ever

Whether on vacation or at home, nearly all young people (96 %), as well as more than two-thirds of those over the age of 65, are in close contact with their families and friends via messenger services such as WhatsApp and Co.* Chatting is now an integral part of everyday life and one of the most popular ways to communicate. Hosts should also take advantage of this. No long searching, taking a call or waiting at the reception desk, hoteliers answer their guests’ questions in no time at all – this strengthens guest loyalty, relieves the reception team and also increases direct bookings. But how do hoteliers actually use chats and push messages?

Digital perspective

Today digital communication is more important than ever. In recent months, many companies have recognized the advantages of digital tools for customer communication – in addition to virtual meetings, video conferences, webinars and social media, especially from messengers in conjunction with push notifications. They simplify communication between hotel and guests, no matter how long the distance is.

A consistent, uncomplicated and pleasant interaction between guests and hosts is ultimately the prerequisite for positive experiences and lasting relationships. This is exactly what hoteliers should promote with every contact. Starting with inspiration, through planning, booking, stay and after departure. Along the entire guest journey, chats and push messages, for example, make the guest’s stay more comfortable and quickly clarify open issues.

Contactless and hygienic guest communication

In addition to online search engines, digital guest directories are also very popular among guests as a source of information. Hoteliers use them to provide their guests everything they need: Important information about the hotel, personal restaurant recommendations, great excursion tips and direct inquiry and booking options. Guests always have everything on hand which normally brings an endless research in the internet within.

Contactless communication via the guest’s own device (Bring-Your-Own-Device; short: BYOD) also reduces face-to-face contact and thus potential sources of viruses. In times of strict hygiene concepts and increased risks of infection, chats and push notifications always promote hygienic and fast guest communication. Obviously, a good digital guest directory also provides push messages and a chat!

Chats: intuitive and fast communication

Whether guests want an additional pillow or have questions about the checkout, hosts and guests exchange information quickly and easily via a dedicated chat – just like in a conversation between friends. It does not matter whether the guests are in the hotel or on the road. Even if guests cannot be reached directly, messages are stored temporarily and delivered later. Chatting via the Digital Guest Directory of Guestfriend works the same way:

Chat integrated into the Digital Guest Directory by Guestfriend_Gastfreund GmbH

1. The guest opens the Digital Guest Directory of his accommodation, enters his/her wishes or questions into the message field and sends it. Very uncomplicated without extra registration.

2. The hotel team receives the guest’s message by e-mail. Neither the host nor the reception team needs to monitor a new application. Everyone uses the familiar e-mail program. Practical isn’t it?

Our Tip: Do not only react to the requests of your guests, but ask for example for an evaluation, refer to the evening menu or free wellness appointments.

3. So that the guest doesn’t miss a message, he/she will be informed about new messages via push notification on his/her smartphone or tablet. Back in the chat, he/she will of course find all sent and received messages in chronological order – just like you are used to with messengers.

Push Notifications: targeted information and offers

People pay particular attention to push notifications because they convey a high level of relevance at all times. Instead of getting lost in the guest’s e-mail inbox, the push message appears directly on the smartphone screen. Moreover, they will read them immediately. This makes push notifications an efficient tool not only in conjunction with instant messaging, but also for increasing sales.

The right information at the right time can work wonders and increase your utilised capacity: an up-to-date wellness offer, free appointments, tips on the evening menu or exciting tips for excursions.

One content management system, countless possibilities

With the editorial system of Guestfriend, the right timing is no problem, because push notifications can be easily planned. By selecting the right circle of recipients (checked-out or guests in the hotel), hoteliers ensure that relevant messages reach the right target group.

With the content management system, hosts manage and maintain all relevant content about the accommodation at any time online. With just a few clicks, they use several channels at once, such as the Digital Guest Directory, the Hotel Newspaper and the Info Channel with news. This is important because every guest prefers a different way to inform and communicate – but for hoteliers and Co. it means much less work.

Advantages for hoteliers and hosts:

  • You optimize internal work processes and relieve the reception desk by simplifying procedures and reducing open questions.
  • You provide comprehensive information to (potential) guests. This makes the decision to book a stay or additional services easier and increases turnover.
  • You eliminate language barriers. Written communication facilitates the exchange between guests and employees who do not speak the same language. You also provide information in several languages in no time at all.
  • You solve problems immediately and don’t have to wait for evaluations to find out about them, because not every guest goes to the reception desk when a problem arises. In this way, you transform negative experiences and create a positive guest experience.

You would like to enhance your personal guest communication, chat with your guests and use push messages effectively?

Get in touch with us, we will show you how easy it is! +49 831 930 657-0


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