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Making guest experiences easy to book – 5 questions to

In the „5 questions to…“ section, Hotelcore employees, customers, partners and industry experts answer questions in short interviews. This time, we talk to Tobias Schrott from about how hoteliers make experiences bookable for their guests.

At, you have made it your mission to better connect guests and hosts. How do you do that?

At, we firmly believe that people make a holiday unique. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to connect hosts and guests through shared interests and experiences. With, we do this wherever they come together digitally, ensuring that the many experiences on offer are actually recognised by guests.

How do guests book the experiences? Can hosts who have a Digital Guest Directory also offer them there?

Guests can easily book the experiences when hosts make them available directly in their Digital Guest Directory where they are integrated via In close collaboration with partners such as Hotelcore, we have created a seamless integration. This enables experiences to be automatically displayed in over 100 different channels and hotel systems.

The special thing about this is that we offer guests continuous access to these unique offers from the initial inspiration and marketing phase before booking their holiday, through the time before their arrival to the actual stay, and make them easy to book. In this way, we ensure that guests can discover the variety and quality of local experiences. This guarantees an unforgettable holiday and brings more guests to the hotel in the long term.

From alpaca hikes to Swiss stone pine massages, from pyjama breakfasts to sundowners – with the help of, hosts can make a wide variety of experiences bookable. Picture: © also promises benefits for hotel marketing. What are they?

In the typical online hotel marketing, a lot of the focus is on comparing “hard facts”, such as the size of wellness areas, room facilities and price. enables hosts to draw attention to what really matters with just a few hours of effort: the unique experiences and activities they offer their guests.

Through our platform, hotels can increase their visibility on these experiences tenfold – automatically on all relevant channels. Experiences via are already accessed by a good 6 million guests a year and motivate them to book. This clearly sets hotels apart from the competition, as they emphasise their strengths beyond price and facilities.

Guests could simply book the experiences directly at reception, just like all other hotel services. What is the added value of

From my own experience in Alpine holiday tourism, I know about the challenges that come with communicating guest activities and experience offers via many different channels: from printed weekly programmes to Digital Guest Directories, email systems and websites to social media platforms and search engines. This variety of communication channels was simply too much work for hosts in the back office.

We developed based on this realisation: Following the principle of “enter once, display everywhere”, our platform enables hosts to enter their experiences into Giggle with the help of AI. These are then automatically available and bookable wherever guests and hosts meet digitally. This includes the hotel’s own channels like websites, guest email tools or Digital Guest Directories such as the one from Hotelcore as well as external platforms such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Places.

What do you think makes a good experience?

This question is actually my favourite: at the end of the day, it’s the people who make the big difference. The hotelier’s enthusiasm is what makes a good guest experience – be it for health, a love of nature and sustainability, pure enjoyment, the adventure of climbing in the mountains or even an unusual passion like goat yoga.

The most important thing is to share this joy with guests and to remain true to yourself as a host. After all, this is the key to an unforgettable experience. Of course, it never hurts to add a few popular classics to your offer. That could be wellness treatments, culinary tastings and personalised dining experiences.

Tobias Schrott in conversation with Ariane Benninger, Gastfreund GmbH

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