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How the Digital Guest Directory is created – “5 questions to” Shanice Saulich, Senior Assistant Editor at Guestfriend

In our section “5 questions with”, employees of Guestfriend, customers, partners or industry experts give insights into their work and business. As a Senior Assistant Editor at Guestfriend, Shanice Saulich is responsible for the content and design of the customers´ digital guest directories.

Where do the contents for the Digital Guest Directory come from?

Some of the content is supplied by our customers, but the majority of the design of the digital guest directory is done by our service editorial staff.

How does the creation of a Digital Guest Directory typically work?

In the beginning, there is the personal contact. It is important to us that our customers know at all times who is responsible for them and assists them.

For the creation of the contents, we usually check out the homepage as well as a so-called guest A-Z (meal times, Wi-Fi, etc.) of our customers, in order to develop a concept. Meanwhile, we are happy about a selection of pictures to use. Especially in the digital age, good images are irreplaceable. In a telephone call, we then present this concept to our customers and clarify open questions. Of course, we are happy to take their wishes into account. After the personal discussion, we order branded advertising material  in our marketing department, for our customers to promote their digital guest directory on site. We then create the guest directory based on the contents discussed and inform the hoteliers when it is complete. After editorial approval, we will finally introduce our editorial system within the framework of a free online training and explain the editing options.

How is it received by the customers that Guestfriend takes over the work?

Our experience and lots of positive feedback from our customer show: very good!

Whether a star hotel or a small hotel, we take care of our customers individually and support them on their way to digitization in the best possible way. Some hosts may have been a little torn in the beginning or unsure about digital tools.

Through our personal support and full-service we have managed to bring them closer to their digital possibilities and take any concerns away – after all, 95 % of our customers recommend us to others. I think this is a clear advantage for Guestfriend!

Can the hoteliers contribute to the creation process and if so, how?

Sure! We are always happy about own ideas. We create the digital guest directory and the concept, but the hotelier decides for himself which pictures he wants to load and use into the editorial system of Guestfriend and is also welcome to contribute to the concept discussion.

After completion of the digital guest directory he manages, edits and updates the contents independently via his own access to our editorial system. For example, if a hotelier wants to exchange content or images, he can do this independently at any time. A big plus for all hosts!

Which services are important for customers?

In my opinion, the personal support during the entire process and the free service from Monday to Friday are particularly important. With the help of our products, hoteliers also save a lot of time, which they in turn can use for the so important, personal guest care on site.

Our customers are never alone! Even after completion, our customer service team continues to support the hosts and is happy to help with any questions or concerns.

Shanice Saulich in conversation with Sandra Schneider, Gastfreund GmbH

Shanice Saulich, Senior Assistant Editor bei der Gastfreund GmbH © Gastfreund GmbH
Shanice Saulich, Senior Assistant Editor at Guestfriend © Gastfreund GmbH

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