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Hotelier with heart and soul: This is true hospitality

Today we would like to address a touching topic: For most people, holidays are just a normal thing. However, there are also families for whom a vacation is a foreign word, who cannot afford it or have been struck by fate what makes travelling nearly impossible.

Hoteliers give away holidays to children and parents in need

Parents and children who suffer or have suffered from illness, violence, catastrophes or live in poverty are particularly affected. Who can’t afford to spend a vacation alone on their own? A sad fact, but not an isolated case. “Vacation is a human right”, Karl G. Polaska-Auer thought and founded the relief organization “Global Family Charity Resort”. Since then, Global Family has made it possible for such families to spend carefree holidays with helpful, great hosts – and this completely free of charge. They should be able to recover untroubled, regain energy, hope, and courage. The positive feedbacks from the families and hoteliers show that the concept is paying off. Holidays given as a gift are not a renounceable luxury, but invaluable aids to life.

“Founder Hannes Schneider of the 5* Hotel Arlberg once said: ‘Global Family can only survive if the hoteliers also benefit.’ Well, Global Family also creates benefits for the partner companies. We have developed several modules for this purpose, which bring good press, enable free advertising opportunities at trade fairs or make concrete bookings with the 2for1 vouchers, which we use for dozens of charity activities”

 Karl G. Polaska Auer, founder of the Global Family Charity Resort e.V.

300 hoteliers have joined forces with Global Family to provide a carefree holiday for those in need. If necessary, therapists even accompany the families on holiday in order to provide them with the best possible care. The aid organization is supported by the many generous hotelier families, donations, and volunteers. What is usually only a small thing for the hotelier means pure happiness for the families!

A great and inspiring project! Chapeau!

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