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Hotel software along the guest journey – “5 questions to” Yvonne Köhler from 3RPMS

In the „5 questions to…“ section, Hotelcore employees, customers, partners and industry experts answer questions in short interviews. This time, we talk to Yvonne Köhler from 3RPMS about the synergies between booking systems and communication solutions.

For those who don’t know 3RPMS yet: What kind of hotel software do you offer?

3RPMS has been around since 2014. We are a purely web-based property management system (PMS) and currently support more than 1,400 customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Our focus as a PMS is on simple and intuitive handling for our users and, in particular, on the topic of automation and digitalisation as well as an end-to-end digital guest journey.

At what points in the digital guest journey does 3RPMS specifically support hoteliers?

During their guests stay, hosts are always faced with two questions: “How do I get the right information to the guest at the right time?” and “How can I digitalise the check-in and check-out process?” At 3RPMS, we have several modules that cover the whole digital guest journey:

  • our automailer,
  • the online check-in
  • and finally our self-checkout

Hoteliers use the automailer to automatically send relevant information to guests at a specific time. This could be important arrival information as a pre-stay mail, an invitation to check-in online or even a nice post-stay e-mail after departure. With our template editor, hosts not only design the e-mail templates in multiple languages, but also add additional text and image fields as well as buttons.

There are also a number of placeholders that 3RPMS automatically replaces with the relevant data from the reservation when sending. For example, if a host uses a digital room key system from one of our partners, the hotel can even use the pre-stay mail to inform guests of their room number and PIN code before they arrive. For maximum security, the system automatically activates the key code on the day of arrival and deactivates it again on the day of departure.

The integrated online check-in and self-checkout offer even more digitalisation options. Hosts can use both individually or integrate them seamlessly into the Digital Guest Directory by Hotelcore. Specifically, hosts invite guests to check in online using the automailer. With one click, they get redirected to the hotel’s Digital Guest Directory, where they can complete the check-in process.

In addition to all important information and services of the accommodation, guests can find their open room bill here at any time during their stay. They can even pay it directly in the app at the end. Incidentally, 3RPMS automatically calculates only the outstanding amount. This means that if, for example, a deposit has already been booked in the reservation, this is of course deducted at self-checkout.

The automatic post-stay mail closes the circle. Hoteliers use it to send guests important information about their departure, a request to rate the hotel on Google or Holidaycheck and a small thank you, such as a discount for their next booking.

Hotels that use both 3RPMS and the Digital Guest Directory by Hotelcore enjoy a few advantages. What are they?

The interface between 3RPMS and Hotelcore makes it easier for hoteliers to communicate with guests. With the Digital Guest Directory, guests have a central point of contact for their entire stay and beyond. They check in online, find all information about the accommodation and the surrounding area, book additional services such as wellness appointments or room service directly in the Digital Guest Directory and check out independently at the end. This ensures a seamless guest experience and a high level of convenience.

From online check-in to numerous hotel information and services to payment: with the combination of 3RPMS and Hotelcore, hosts cover the entire guest journey in one app.

What effort is involved for hoteliers who want to use an interface, e.g. to Hotelcore?

The effort for hoteliers is very low. All we need to do is receive the information that the hotel would like to use the interface to Hotelcore. Our support team sets up the corresponding e-mail templates for the hotel and we receive the individual API key from Hotelcore so that both systems can be connected. Neither 3RPMS nor Hotelcore charge any costs for the interface.

What do you think: What issues do hoteliers need to focus on now in order to be prepared for the coming years?

The topic of automation is becoming more and more of a focus for hoteliers. Today, it is important that they automate recurring tasks and make work easier for reception staff. Also in view of the current really difficult staffing situation in the hotel and catering industry. Hosts may no longer be manning the reception desk at all times. But guests also need important information outside of reception hours. With systems like those from 3RPMS and Hotelcore, you create a smooth process, even when staff are in short supply.

Yvonne Köhler in conversation with Ariane Benninger, Gastfreund GmbH

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