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Digital guest service improves hotel reviews

In our last part, we already showed how important hotel reviews are for both guests and hoteliers and how hosts should respond to online reviews in the best possible way. Based on these insights, we will show you how digital tools improve your hotel reviews and support you in managing your ratings.

Guest service is the be-all and end-all

Online reviews are meanwhile a well-established marketing tool for many hotels. After all, they influence guests significantly in their booking decisions and thus control the online reputation and the hotel’s revenue. But hoteliers do not have to deal with it by themselves, there are great digital tools who support them nowadays. They collect ratings, simplify answering, analyse feedback and improve guest satisfaction as if by magic.

You are probably wondering how this is going to work? We have the answer! The software platform from Guestfriend connects hotels directly with their guests via various digital channels and simplifies targeted communication. With Guestfriend, hosts can reach their guests at any time and any place with their offers and information. In addition, they easily increase the guest satisfaction and their revenue without great expenditure of time.

Frequently, the Digital Guest Directory from Guestfriend, for example, inspires guests. As a digital flagship on site, it leaves a neat and modern impression, informs guests about everything important about their stay and will remain in good memory for sure. Many lovingly designed elements, always accessible information about the accommodation, travel guides and the modern and up-to-date service with interactive features make the Digital Guest Directory a real eye-catcher!

Collect positive hotel reviews on the fly

Of course, guests will pass on particularly outstanding impressions right away. Via integrated guest questionnaires or rating portals in the Digital Guest Directory, they directly provide feedback – even during their stay. In this way, hotels can respond even better to their suggestions or wishes or make up for any faults immediately. Hoteliers kill two birds with one stone! They improve the satisfaction of their guests in no time at all and collect more (positive) ratings without additional effort.

But hoteliers do not only improve their hotel reviews with the Digital Guest Directory from Guestfriend. The software platform offers them three additional tools: Via the Wi-Fi Landing Page, guests access a compact website that provides essential information at a glance after logging in to the hotel’s own Wi-Fi. If hoteliers integrate further evaluation options into their landing pages, it only takes one click more to leave the evaluations. On top of these tools, the own Hotel Newspaper and the Info Channel contribute to an all-around modern guest service and ensure positive hotel reviews.

Analyzing and exploiting the potential for improvements

Reviews over reviews. In order not to lose the overview, there are solutions for managing guest feedback, like those of TrustYou. They bundle evaluations of all platforms via one system and enable hosts to manage their online reputation quickly and easily. This way they manage all their evaluations, create their own guest questionnaires, respond to feedback, market their evaluations and analyse the potential for improvements at lightning speed – as you could never do manually. Thus, hoteliers succeed in responding specifically to the needs of their guests and taking appropriate measures. And finally, the guests are satisfied, the ratings improve and, conversely, more bookings follow.

Rely on digital guest service and improve your hotel reviews!

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