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Social media for hotels: 8 tips hoteliers should try

Social media is one of the first contacts between hotels and guests. However, many social media accounts tend to be poorly managed and do not convince their subscribers. Social media posts are all about added value for the user – regardless of the channel. In our last article, we briefly explained which social media channels are suitable for hoteliers. Today we’ll tell you what to consider with your social media posts.

1. React and create a community!

Get in touch with your guests and interact with them. Guests will be happy if you repost, comment and like their pictures. Respond to hotel reviews or posts written by your guests and respond individually to each one. And put pictures of your guests into your story for example. Another positive effect on your image results from good reviews and experiences of your guests, which they share on your site. Use this so-called user-generated content for your hotel!

2. Be personal!

There are no other industries in which personal contact with guests is as important as in the hotel and tourism industry. Be human and let your followers look behind the scenes. Take your subscribers, for example, to the wholesale market or the farmer around the corner and show them where you buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Introduce your team, organize special events for your employees and post it on social media. It’s so easy to create an authentic image!

3. Tailor content to your target group!

If you want users to follow your hotel on social media, provide them with relevant content regularly. Which contents interest your target group? Who would you like to convince? Are your guests mainly business people or families? Are they interested in wellness or sports? Do you have a younger or older guest structure? Make sure that your postings match the particular social media channel. And create a separate post for each platform, because the target groups differ from channel to channel.

4. Network your social networks!

Attract your guests’ attention to your social media sites in your accommodation as well, so that they can connect with you. Integrate your accounts into your Digital Guest Directory, on your Wi-Fi Landing Page and E-Paper. And of course also on your website and into the e-mail signature.

5. Give tips!

Not all your post should be a direct advertisement. Otherwise, your guests may be annoyed and hide your posts. Instead, provide them with useful information and help. Depending on the target group, current restaurant, nightlife or event tips might be suitable. Just as interesting are regional tips regarding sights, concerts or cultural highlights. Give your followers an incentive for their next wellness holiday, city trip or hiking trip.

6. Show what is special about your hotel!

Do you have a wonderful infinity pool, a huge wellness oasis, own products or a gourmet kitchen? Then show it to your followers! For example, post a recipe from the chef or take a tour through the spa area. Or take the camera with you on the next guided hike. You can offer all of these for an attractive price.

7. Stories, videos, pictures!

Stories are in vogue. They are only visible for 24 hours but get much more views than posts in the timeline. Stories are made of simple pictures, short videos, stories or live videos. However, even permanent videos and pictures in the timeline are extremely important. They generate much more attention than pure text and stay on your profile, whereas stories disappear again.

8. Be creative!

Engage your guests to post pictures of your accommodation, introduce your own hashtag and raffle, for example, a wellness massage among all participants. Advertising couldn’t be simpler and more authentic for you.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools a hotel can use to attract as many people as possible. Use our tips and make sure that you benefit from the huge social media power!

Stand out from the crowd with your social media sites!

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