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Hotel Trends 2024: Hotel technologies of today and tomorrow

The hotel world never stands still. While we still have the Hotel Trends 2023 in the back of our minds, other topics are coming to the fore this year. In this article, we take a look at which technology trends are likely to shape the hotel industry in 2024.

Hotel trend #1: Artificial intelligence, chatbots and co.

In recent months, the term “artificial intelligence”, or AI for short, has become almost impossible to ignore. In 2023, AI systems such as the intelligent chatbot “ChatGPT” experienced a veritable boom. This is also reflected in the statistics: Last year, spending on AI technologies increased by 32 per cent. According to the digital association Bitkom, this growth will not slow down in 2024 either. [1]

We have already analysed here on the blog to what extent ChatGPT and other AI tools can also be helpful in everyday hotel life. Whether for image processing, text writing, shift scheduling or as a customer service chatbot, artificial intelligence makes individual tasks easier and supports employees in their day-to-day work. It remains to be seen if and where AI will actually replace humans. In any case, the topic remains relevant and will continue to be one of the most important hotel trends in 2024.

Lean back at your desk and let ChatGPT do the work? Even if artificial intelligence can take over more and more tasks, this is not (yet) the reality.

Hotel trend #2: Mobile first – apps have prevailed

Mobile devices are with us all every day: smartphones, tablets, laptops and now also so-called “wearables” such as smartwatches. This trend has been going on for several years now. But while hotels with their own app, for example, were still considered unusual a few years ago, mobile solutions are now one of the standards that guests want. According to a survey, 80 per cent of guests would download an app that offers check-in, check-out and information about the hotel. [2]

And other processes are also faster and more convenient thanks to the app: guests can use their smartphone or tablet to reserve a table in the restaurant, write messages to hotel staff and even open the door to their hotel room in the digital guest directory. The entire digital guest journey can be mapped on mobile devices. This simplifies communication and improves guest satisfaction.

A prime example of how an app is a welcome service for guests: Alina Schiefer from Campingpark Beaufort about the park’s own app, which it realised together with Hotelcore.

Hotel trend #3: Bye, paper, hello automation – digital processes for greater efficiency

There are some interesting technology trends not only in contact with guests, but also in the back office. The keyword is automation. This could be HR software that automatically writes the duty roster, the property management system that automatically sends pre-stay emails to guests or the hotel operations platform that coordinates recurring tasks within the team. Each automation system relieves employees of a small task, increases efficiency and thus contributes to the overall reduction of workload.

Software that coordinates processes within the team is not only helpful when staff are in short supply: the Hotelboard helps hosts with efficient organisation and team communication, among other things.

Hotel trend #4: My colleague, the robot

This trend is probably one of the most polarising future technologies for the hotel and catering industry: Robots. What sounded a lot like science fiction a few years ago is now commonplace in more and more establishments. For example, robots transport food to the table, mix cocktails or greet guests at reception. The advantages for hosts are obvious: a machine doesn’t need breaks, holidays or a regular salary. There is also the entertainment factor for guests when they are served by a robot, for example.

However, they are of course not a complete replacement for human team members. According to the robot developers, this is not the aim. Instead, service bots, cocktail robots and the like are intended to provide relief when employees don’t have the time. [3] We are looking forward to seeing where where else robots are likely to be used in the future.

In service, at the bar and in the kitchen – robots are a real trend in the hotel and catering industry.

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