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New complete solution for everyday hotel business: The all-in-one Hotel Operations Platform by Guestfriend

When it comes to the development of new hotel software at Guestfriend, one thing is particularly important to us: it must fit into the existing structures – in other words, it must not be an isolated solution. That is why the Digital Guest Directory, the info channel, digital info points and the hotel newspaper complement each other and support hosts in many different areas in the hotel. With our latest product, however, we are adding a whole new dimension to the “Guestfriend full package”: the Hotelboard not only helps with guest services, but also with internal team communication and the completion of daily tasks. Thus, Guestfriend becomes an all-in-one hotel operations platform and relieves hotel teams both in front of and behind the reception desk.

Hotel Operations Platform: the Hotelboard as a digital helper in front of and behind the reception desk

What is the Hotelboard?

The Hotelboard is a communication centre, to-do list and message board at the same time: As a hotel operations platform, it connects the different departments with each other, enables transparent communication with guests and team members and supports hotel teams in completing all daily tasks – all without paperwork, cumbersome workarounds and unnecessary overtime.

These are the different functional areas of the Hotelboard:

Team communication

  • Send messages to individual colleagues, within departments or to the entire team
  • Communicate transparently and comprehensibly
  • View the read status of posts and thus ensure the flow of information
  • Adjusting usage rights for different topics

The Hotel Operations Platform enables a quick and personal exchange with all team members – even those who do not have a fixed workplace, such as housekeeping.

Task management

  • Organise to-dos clearly and efficiently
  • Create tasks and assign them to the responsible team members
  • Add checklists and deadlines
  • Keep track of all open tasks thanks to e-mail notifications, filters and smart views

This makes the Hotelboard particularly practical for shift handovers, lost and found management and organising guest requests.

Guest care

  • Receive and respond to chat messages and completed forms from guests
  • Instruct responsible team members to fulfil guest requests

Thanks to the different topics for every request form, the team always keeps track of table reservations, wellness appointment bookings, bread roll orders, chats and all other guest requests.

Knowledge management

  • Save important documents paperlessly
  • Save work processes, responsibilities and manuals centrally
  • Record employees’ know-how
  • Document team-internal information such as birthdays, passwords and holiday planning

In this way, the Hotelboard contributes to a smooth change of staff and simplifies the training of new team members.


The Hotelboard enables GDPR-compliant communication and simplfies teamwork.

How do hosts and hotel teams benefit from the Hotel Operations Platform?

Thanks to efficient, digital processes, the Hotelboard increases productivity in all areas of the accommodation. The distribution of tasks remains clear and the staff completes the same workload in less time. This is a welcome relief for the team. But it’s not just employee satisfaction that gets a boost – the guests are happy about the fast and reliable processing of their requests.

Because the Hotelboard provides a channel through which all team members communicate transparently and securely with each other, it promotes teamwork across departmental boundaries. The paperless process eliminates sources of error and reduces the risk of misunderstandings – so hosts shine with more professionalism.

The All-in-one Hotel Operations Platform – Stop Hustling. Start Doing.

Guestfriend’s all-in-one solution combines digital guest services, team communication and task management in one platform

    Digital guest care

    Hotel Operations
    Team communication and task management

Hoteliers access all guest solutions via the central editorial system. In addition, the digital tools are linked with each other and form practical synergies: for example, if hosts create news and event tips, they use this content for the Digital Guest Directory as well as the info channel and the hotel newspaper without additional effort. In addition, hotel teams process all enquiries, chats and sent forms that guests send via the Digital Guest Directory directly in the Hotelboard. This allows them to handle digital guest services even faster and easier.

In combination, hotel teams exploit the full potential of the platform, but of course they also benefit from the individual solutions. With Guestfriend, hosts put together their digital helpers from the various modules according to their needs. No matter whether they choose one, several or all solutions: The Guestfriend team is always there to help and advise hoteliers and their employees before, during and after implementation.

We would like to revolutionise your daily hotel business together with you. Contact us now for a non-binding consultation!

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In our next blog post, you will learn how the Digital Guest Directory and the Hotelboard by Guestfriend work together perfectly.

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