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End-of-year-review: This was our anniversary year 2023

The longer ago something happened, the fuzzier the memories become. We all know that. But some years simply stand out in retrospect – when long-awaited milestones have been reached or a lot of wonderful things have happened. We at Hotelcore have a feeling that 2023 might be one of these “special” years. Why? – Take a look back with us.

Hotelcore anniversary: Our birthday party with presents for everyone

In our review of 2022, we already gave a small hint that 2023 has a special significance for Hotelcore. Last June, the time had come: Hotelcore turned ten years old! Throughout the month, we celebrated with our customers, our followers on social media and all interested parties with unique anniversary offers. Read our blog post on the anniversary to find out how we have developed since our foundation in 2013 and what we are particularly grateful for after ten years.

Happy birthday, Hotelcore! The month of June was dedicated to Hotelcore’s tenth anniversary.

The Hotelcore products: More options, more user-friendliness, more attention to detail

Of course, not a year goes by without us improving and developing our products. This year, we have added numerous functions to the Hotelboard in particular, so that it supports hosts and their teams even better with internal communication and daily task management. Here are a few of the most important new features in the Hotelboard this year:

  • Dashboard for a better overview of all team tasks
  • Automatically recurring posts for more relief
  • Additional languages for automatic translation
  • Chat between individual team members for quick agreements without private messengers
  • and much more

The dashboard shows all employees which to-dos are currently pending as soon as they open the Hotelboard.

In addition to the Hotelboard, the Digital Guest Directory, the Hotel app, the Info channel and the Hotel newspaper also received various updates. The focus for all products in 2023 was on optimising user-friendliness and improving functions based on feedback from our customers.

To ensure that you benefit not only from our knowledge, but also from the expertise of our partners, we have also worked closely with them to further develop our solutions together. You will soon find a great example of this on this blog. Stay tuned!

A record-breaking trade fair year

Combining the digital and the personal – that’s not just something we’ve made a priority for our products. We ourselves love the personal interaction with hosts. This is one of the reasons why we attended more industry events in 2023 than ever before: Hotelcore had a stand at a total of eleven trade fairs and two host events this year. We travelled not only to fairs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also in to Italy and the Netherlands.

From Rimini to Sylt and from Amsterdam to Berlin: the Hotelcore team travelled a lot this year.

A year full of content: the highlights on social media, blog and co.

Social media

What is the second best way – after an annual review like this one – to look back on the past year? A look at your own social media presence. If you scroll through the posts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, the best moments of the year are reflected here. We did the same:

The most successful posts on the social networks appropriately show some highlights from our year 2023: from successful trade fairs and the launch of our Italian website to a fantastic Hotelcore anniversary.

Would you like to be part of all our highlights in the coming year? Simply follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss any news:

Customer testimonials

Most of all, however, we are delighted with the great feedback from our customers, which motivates us every day. And because we can’t keep this to ourselves, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite quotes from this year for you here – thank you very much for these lovely words and the many pleasant conversations!

We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers. That’s why we also share it with you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and our website.

Hotelcore Blog

As in previous years, we have of course also kept you up to date here on our blog throughout 2023 with exciting news, tips and experience reports on digitalisation in the hotel industry. These were the most popular posts of the year on the Guestfriend blog

The next product innovations, events and content are already being planned and we are certain: 2024 will be at least as good as 2023!

Thank you for your loyalty and we wish you a successful new year!

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